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To get an ides of the size of this plant, the two smoke stacks are 300 meters (985 ft.) high

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First, a little introduction and information. My name is Robert Kober; Iím a retired International Construction Manager who worked for ABB/CE, building and repairing power plants and other heavy industrial facilities around the world. Serving as the Construction Manager on the power plant shown in the photo above was the highlight of my career.

In my leisure time, I built, repaired, and otherwise fooled around with computers since the Altair was first offered as a kit in a magazine. Iíve owned or had access to such relics as the Commodore Pet, Vic 20, 64, and 128, the Timex Sinclair 2000, Tandy 1000, TI 99/4A, Apple II, and many, many PCs. Iíve done extensive programming for the Commodores, Apples, and early PCs, writing in Basic, Pascal, and Assembler.

I no longer program, but am still fooling around with computers. Although I have had no official schooling in computers, over the years I have accumulated some knowledge about them, most of it the hard way. In this column I hope to pass along some of that knowledge and experience in the hopes that some of your computer related questions can be answered.

If you have a computer question, you can send it to me at and I'll make every effort to answer it for you. Where the question is applicable, and space permits, it may also be answered in this column. In my efforts to explain things thoroughly, I have been accused of being windy. Actually, I prefer "verbose", a word I learned years ago playing text adventure games like Zork on the Commodore 64 computer.

BTW, the DaddyBob name is one that my granddaughter hung on me many years ago, and it has stuck. Most kids and many adults still call me by that name.

I am currently affiliated with a new company, Sign-In Electronicallyô where I am the Director of Research, and also render support. This company has a product that replaces the old fashioned sign-in sheets used in many medical and other facilities to better comply with the requirements and recommendations of HIPPA. For more information visit our web site HERE.

My Hobby Card
I repair computer's hardware and software and specialize in cleaning unwanted malware from users computers charging only what replacement parts cost if any are needed. I also salvage usable parts from old computers and use these to refurbish usable computers which are given to deserving people. So, if you have an old computer just sitting around collecting dust, bring it by and possibly it can be refurbished and made useful to someone that doesn't have one.


My assistant - One lazy fat cat


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