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November & December 2005

Date Posted: December 25, 2005

Q. How do I change the icon on my desktop for My Computer, The recycle bin, etc.?

Q. Why doesn't flash memory need a battery to keep it from losing what is saved to it?

Q. Is there a way to cancel an Email after it has been sent?

Q. I have a new Dell laptop that has something on it called an ExpressCard slot. What is that?

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Date Posted: December 18, 2005

Q. If I have all my security programs set to automatically update, do I need to manually check for updates?

Q. I have a new computer, and on my old one, I used AOL instant messenger. Now I have this little man on bottom of my screen right hand side. When I click him, Windows Messenger comes up. When I try to add buddy names, I get all kinds of instructions I don’t under stand. Why can't I find my AOL instant messenger I used before?

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Date Posted: December 11, 2005

Q. It annoys me when icons on the desktop periodically rearrange themselves. Is there a way to make them stay where I put them?

Q. I want to give someone a list of the names of files that I have created and stored in a folder. Is there a way to print that list from Windows Explorer.

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Date Posted: December 4, 2005

Q. Is there a major difference between a Pentium and Celeron CPU?

Q. What is a Flash Drive and will it ever replace a PC's hard drive?

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Date Posted: November 27, 2005

Q. I have a file somewhere on my computer in a .DOC file but I don't know the name of the file. All I can remember is a phrase that is in the document. How can I find it? (Also, what are wildcards)

Q. When I plug in my USB “Jump” drive, I get a message about how it could respond faster if I did something. What is it talking about?

Q. As I am not a touch typists, my Caps Lock key get pressed and stays on  and I type too much in all caps before I notice it. Can I change the Caps Lock key press so it will be like the old fashioned typewriter?

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Date Posted: November 20, 2005

Q. The text is so small on some of the web pages I visit that I cannot read it. Even when I try to go to View then Change text size and try to change the font to a larger size, it stays small. Is there a way to make the text larger?

Q. What is an IP address and how can I find out what mine is?

Q. Every time I create a shortcut, Windows insists on adding the words ‘Shortcut to” to its name. Can I turn this off somehow?

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Date Posted: November 13, 2005

Q.  Sometimes when I open a folder I see 2 or 3 icons that are exactly alike and have the same name. Why are there icons that are the same?

Q. In many places where I can make changes, there are both the OK button and an Apply button. Do I have to click both to make a selection “stick”?

Q.  When I got my computer, there were no icons on the desktop except for the Recycle Bin. How can I get My Computer, My Documents and other icons there?

Q. I accidentally did something that I didn’t mean to and now I have the My Documents folder covering the top third of my screen. I don’t know how I did this, but I just want it to “go away”?

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Date Posted: November 10, 2005

Q. Why are some of the pictures in my email shown only by a little X in the corner?

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